Utah Insurance Recoupment Laws

Utah Insurance Recoupment Laws

UTAH CODE ANN.  § 31A-26-301.6

Health care claims practices. …

(14) Nothing in this section may be construed as limiting the ability of an insurer to:

(a) recover any amount improperly paid to a provider or an insured:

(i) in accordance with Section 31A-31-103 [the insurance fraud act] or any other provision of state or federal law;

(ii) within 24 months of the amount improperly paid for a coordination of benefits error;

(iii) within 12 months of the amount improperly paid for any other reason not identified in Subsection (14)(a)(i) or (ii); or

(iv) within 36 months of the amount improperly paid when the improper payment was due to a recovery by Medicaid, Medicare, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or any other state or federal health care program;
(b) take any action against a provider that is permitted under the terms of the provider contract and not prohibited by this section;

(c) report the provider to a state or federal agency with regulatory authority over the provider for unprofessional, unlawful, or fraudulent conduct; or

(d) enter into a mutual agreement with a provider to resolve alleged violations of this section through mediation or binding arbitration.

(15) A health care provider may only seek recovery from the insurer for an amount improperly paid by the insurer within the same time frames as Subsections (14)(a) and (b).

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