About The Utah Podiatric Medical Association

About The Utah Podiatric Medical Association

Mission Statement

The Utah Podiatric Medical Association is the principal advocate for the public in obtaining the highest quality foot and ankle care available.

The UPMA is committed to promoting:
  • Superior continuing medical education opportunities for podiatric physicians;
  • Clinical practices based on sound scientific foundations and research;
  • Ethical and successful business practices;
  • Camaraderie among the podiatric physicians in the state of Utah; 
  • Appropriate state and federal legislation that is consistent with this mission of advocacy.


What The UPMA Does For You

Patients: Since the early 1900s, the UPMA and member podiatrists have served the foot and ankle needs of patients throughout Utah. Podiatrists deal with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases or injuries of the human foot and ankle. They are medical doctors specializing in this treatment.

General Physicians: The UPMA works to facilitate the interactions of qualified podiatric physicians with other specialties to work as a team to improve the overall foot and ankle health of patients throughout Utah.

Podiatrists: The UPMA works to provide podiatric physicians with the latest updates in medical science through regularly scheduled scientific seminars. We advocate good public health care policy. We also respond to the inquiries of patients, government, and others through various standing committees of our actively involved member-volunteers.

The UPMA executive officers and committees work as representatives of our membership to further important issues related to foot and ankle care in order to benefit — and better serve — our patients.

The UPMA also provides the following benefits for Podiatrist:

  • Social opportunities with your colleagues:
    • Each year we have a Fall Cabin Meeting with steak dinner.
    • Association lunch during the Park City Winter Seminar
    • Holiday Dinner and Social with a guest.
  • Service opportunities:
  • January ‘Shoes For The Homeless’ is a great example
  • Public relations efforts with health insurers and the media
  • Legislation efforts on both a state and national scale
    • Contributions and fundraisers for our congressmen with whom we interact directly
    • Paid lobbyist who monitors all bills regarding our profession
  • CME at discounts:
    • Park City Winter Seminar
    • The National Meeting (APMA)
    • Practice Management and Coding seminars, etc.
  • X-ray course for staff as required by state law
  • Website: Provides current information and also a provider directory for patients
  • Association helps set practice standards and qualifications
  • Assists continuing education efforts and supports student/resident efforts
Non-UPMA sponsored Training:

Resident Training: In Utah, we also have a quality residency training to create podiatrist that can further improve the care in Utah and abroad.

UPMA Officers